Freeze Drying Applications

Freezed Dried Fruits - Bucher Unipektin AG

Freeze drying is the least stressful method to reduce humidity in products. And with Zeodration, any volatile aromas can be optimally preserved. 

Freeze drying of raw and blanched vegetables - Bucher Merk

Freeze dried vegetables are quickly wettable and therefore ideal for instant products such as soups. Using Zeodration, volatile aroma components are optimally preserved. 


Pieces of fish or seafood are preserved better by freeze drying than by other drying methods. Zeodration preserves any volatile aromas. 


Freeze drying of meat - Bucher Merk

Freeze dried pieces of meat are ideal for long shelf life, to be used in instant dishes or as pet food. These pieces show good wettability through hot water, with Zeodration used to preserve any volatile aromas. 

Freeze-Dried-pet-food-Bucher Unipektin AG

Sometimes granulated, these freeze dried pieces are ideal for long shelf life due to their low water content. The pieces preserve volatile flavours better than other drying methods, especially using the Zeodration technique. 

Freeze drying of coffee and tea - Bucher Unipektin AG

Our cabinets and continuous belt dryers enable the freeze drying of coffee and tea extract.