Our strategy in four pillars

Bucher Unipektin Nachhaltigkeit Umwelt

A great example of how Bucher Unipektin protects the environment with an energy-saving mindset is our evaporators, which are based on mechanical vapour re-compression (MVR) technology. This saves up to 50% of primary energy compared to conventional multi-effect technology. 

Bucher Unipektin Nachhaltigkeit Kunden

To make all of our customers aware of the safe operation of newly delivered machines and plants, our standard operator care includes “Customer Safety Training”. 

Bucher Unipektin Nachhaltigkeit Mitarbeiterweiterentwicklung

Staff satisfaction and continuous development are key for Bucher Unipektin. Our objective is to grant an average of at least 2.5 days of further development or training per employee per year. With solid programs for leadership and technical training, in cooperation with external organisations, we’re proud to bring forward our management and technical personnel.

Bucher Unipektin Nachhaltigkeit Compliance

We value the personal skills, abilities and performance of our team through employment and promotions. In our business we always act in compliance with the applicable requirements, we compete according to the law and we do not tolerate any corruption, discrimination, or threatening behaviour. We always protect employees’ personal data and privacy.