Your success is our mission

Bucher Unipektin is your partner and supplier for single units as well as complete lines for the solid-liquid separation, filtration, juice treatment and concentrate production. These beverage technologies are mainly used for the production of fruit juices and purées as well as in brewing beer. We also offer solutions for vegetable and citrus juices, flavours and plant extract recovery within the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, we also design and construct industrial vacuum and freeze dryers (lyophilisation). These are used for the production of instant soups, instant beverages, as well as other applications.

Another business area is environmental technology, where we achieve successful results in sewage sludge and industrial sludge dewatering as well as in the solid-liquid separation of drinking water treatment plants.

Our position as market leader is based on providing best-in-class products and services. New products and solutions are developed by motivated and flexible team working closely with our customers' defined needs. Our innovation is also driven by closely following and foreseeing market trends. Respect for the environment is also a concern in everything we do.

Our vision

We seek to achieve superior profitability and a sound balance sheet through technological leadership, a strong market position and strict cost management. We will continue to build the Group through organic growth and innovation, as well as by acquiring and integrating selected, complementary businesses. We invest to reduce our ecological footprint.

Certified quality

Our quality commitment strives for uninterrupted availability of our machines, long service life and minimal maintenance requirements to achieve the best lifetime economics. We are driven to constantly deliver our products and services on time, at high quality and at the volume needed by our customers. Our Centres of Excellence are certified to ISO 9001:2015, which supports the attainability of these targets.