Dryband - Bucher Merk


Belt dryer for continuous vacuum or freeze drying or lyophilisation of food products

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Bucher Merk Building in Germany
Bucher Merk Process GmbH

Lippersmatt 2, 79725
Laufenburg, Germany
D +49 77 63 92 72 0

Workshop, Steinmatt 6
79725 Laufenburg, Germany


Bucher Merk Process Services


We can perform individual, detailed protocoled trials and analyses in vacuum-drying of fluids or granular products. We can then further develop and optimise your specific process on our laboratory and pilot plant dryers. Our laboratory pilot plants can use a range of many options such as different energy sources (contact-heating, radiation-heating, microwave-heating) and a variety of feeding systems and product entries. Engineering and development services (plant components, plant design, etc.) are done using 3D-CAD and specific calculation programs. We would be glad to provide you with more detailed information about Merk Process and invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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