Vacuum Drying Applications

Malted beverages - Bucher Unipektin AG

We offer high performance plants, specifically adapted to your product recipe and requirements.

Vacuum drying of fruit powder - Bucher Merk

Citric fruits, berries and many other fruits are dried using our equipment. Our customers dry these high-value ingredients at low temperatures for highest aroma, colour and nutrient retention. 

Vacuum-dried vegetable powder - Bucher Unipektin AG

Vegetables such as celery, onions, carrots, beetroot and many others are all dried using our equipment. As with the fruit, these high-value ingredients are dried at low temperatures for highest aroma, colour and nutrient retention. 

Freeze drying of meat and bone broths

Our low temperature and highly controllable drying processes enable customers to produce concentrates from animal origin with very little loss of flavour. 

Vacuum drying technology for reaction flavor - Bucher Unipektin

HVP, yeast extracts and bases for process flavours are best dried on our vacuum belt dryers. Excellent flavouring profiles and high-value powders with high solubility are produced with economic processing.

Vacuum dried soup seasoning - Bucher Unipektin AG

Controlled drying conditions help to preserve flavours and are enriched by Maillard reaction using our patented radiant heating. 

Vacuum drying of herbal extracts - Bucher Merk

Herbal extracts from various plants are gently and hygienically dried under vacuum at low temperatures for best product quality.