• ​​Affordable 

  • Efficient and flexible 

  • Easy to use 

  • Minimum maintenance required 

  • Continuous drying operation 

  • Short installation and cleaning time 

  • Rapid optimisation of drying processes 

  • Visible drying process by the use of glass housing 

  • Small and light installation e.g. on a laboratory table 

  • Reproducible and fast drying results 

  • Upscaling to pilot plant and industrial drying plant possible 

  • Ideal for all industrial vacuum dryer operators for further development and optimisation of their drying processes 

  • Malt cocoa beverages
  • Malt extracts
  • Reaction aroma and HVPs
  • Herbal and plant extracts
  • Proteins
  • Fruit and vegetable concentrates
  • Pharmceutical concentrates

The Bucher Merk DryBand mini is an industrial belt dryer designed for the continuous drying of liquid, pasty and other heat sensitive products under vacuum for basic tests. Its cylindrical part is made from glass for a perfect view of the drying behaviour. 

  • GMP hygiene design 

  • Strong and durable execution 

  • High performance solutions 

  • Very high availability 

  • Minimum product loss 

  • Manual cleaning 

Vacuum: 5 - 100 mbar

Temperature max.: 200°C

Residence time: 15 - 120 Min

Feeding: Dosing pump and static feeding

Heating and cooling plate surface: 0,1 m²

Number of belts: 1

Belts: Polyester, PTFE coated Kevlar and Glass fabrics

Dry end: Stripper

Discharge system: 1 hopper and butterfly valve

Heating: Electrical

Vacuum: Chilled water condenser and vacuum pump

Controls: PLC and HMI with recipe control