Skids for sterile filtration of beer

  • Standardised skids for easy installation
  • Prefiltration  – sterile filtration – media filtration all on one skid
  • Maximum safety and cartridge lifetime
  • Stand-alone skid or for integration

Cold sterile filtration before the filler is an alternative to flash pasteurizing. The Bucher Unipektin skid allows a flexible and easy-to-integrate solution for small to medium size breweries (flowrates from 0–500 hl/h). This safe solution for a reliable product shelf life uses standard cartridges, and an integrity test of these membrane cartridges can be performed before each run.

Capacity range for the skids

STEFINOX 1:  0-70 flowrate skid in hl/hr beer

STEFINOX 2: 70-200 flowrate skid in hl/hr beer

STEFINOX 3: 200 250 flowrate skid in hl/hr beer

STEFINOX 4: 250 500 flowrate skid in hl/hr beer