• Fully automatic CIP programs ensure perfect cleaning 

  • Economical production due to full automation 

  • Individual programming of each cleaning circuit  

  • 3, 4 or 5 vessel system 

  • Vessel size up to 20 m

  • Up to 6 different cleaning circuits 

Brewing high-quality beer using modern production techniques requires effective and careful cleaning of process equipment. Bucher Denwel offers a CIP plant designed specifically for your bespoke project needs.  

Our CIP is a fully automatic system programmed to achieve optimal sanitation of the entire production line. It consists of a complete set of equipment for CIP, including tanks for recovering water, acid and hot caustic, pumps, heat exchangers, valves and instrumentation such as conductivity and flow transmitters.  

It also comes complete with custom vessels setup (insulation, volume, size), simultaneous concentrates dosing, and automatic CIP sequencing with defined sanitation parameters to cover the complete cleaning cycle, such as detergent or water selection, detergent concentrations and cycle temperatures. 

  • Models: single and double stream plants 

  • Storage tanks: selectable, depending on plant-size 

  • Control: semi- and fully automated, depending on customer request