Public sewage sludge

The drainage characteristics of a municipal sludge depends to a largely on its composition. 
The maximum dry substance (DS) achievable through mechanical methods is determined primarily by the content of extra-cellular polymer substances (EPS). 

Efficiency of a dewatering system is characterised by its capacity to remove free water after sludge conditioning. 

Bucher HPS technology thanks to it's unique dynamic dewatering principle allows to remove almost all free water and even sometimes a part of bound water. 
Bucher HPS technology offers the best dewatering performances for most usual conditionings.

Dewatering efficiency is one of the mains keys to achieve sustainable and cost-effective wastewater treatment plant operation. 

Bucher HPS-press-3007-sludge-dewatering-Bucher Unipektin AG

Bucher HPS presses

Hydraulic filter press for dewatering of municipal and industrial sludge

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