Machines and lines for the juice industry

Apple juice press - Bucher Uniepktin AG

With regard to the production of high quality apple- and pear-juices, Bucher technologies are the globally leading solutions. We offer the best solutions based on economics, resource-saving, and hygienic design. These solutions are in hard duty deployed all over the world. 

Vegetable juice extraction - Bucher Unipektin AG

Gentle crushing and mash-heating allows for maximised juice yields with little solid content. For filtration, we select the most suitable membrane in the microfiltration to ultrafiltration range. Our evaporators operate for optimised essence recovery and concentration with low steam consumption.

Citrus juice extraction - Bucher Unipektin AG

Together with Bucher Alimentech Ltd. and Bucher Exzel S.L.U, we can supply plants for citrus juice extraction, as well as for treatment of clear and cloudy juices. The extraction of citrus juice and essential oil is made in a single operation. The debittering and stabilisation plants are based on the principle of adsorption. By means of special resins the bitter components Limonin and Naringin are removed from the juices. For acid reduction ion exchange resins are applied.

Berry juice production - Bucher Unipektin AG

There are companies who process a variety of vegetable and fruits in various quantities. The advantages of the Bucher technologies are evident in its ability to adapt rapidly to the product, resulting in improved performance. 

Bucher Unipektin - your competent partner for turnkey fruit and vegetable processing lines!