• Maximum product yield and excellent juice quality  

  • Tubular membranes allow high solid concentrations  

  • Modular design, high performance on small footprint  

  • Reliable and fully automated system  

  • Integrated CIP system and tank management 

The UltraStar XL is a semicontinuous cross-flow filtration plant. Any product that needs clarifying is circulated via a circulation tank through the inside of the ½’’ diameter membrane tubes. A portion of the liquid phase then passes through the membrane and leaves the system as permeate.  

Fresh product is continuously added into the circulation tank. As soon as the maximum concentration of suspended solids has been reached, the retentate can optionally be diafiltered (leached out with water) to maximise the yield. 

Due to the modular design, a wide capacity range is covered. Membranes with different cut-offs enable adaptation to various applications. The integrated control system can manage the up- and downstream product tanks. It also features a hygienic design with automated CIP, including the circulation tank. 

The Bucher Unipektin UltraStar XL has been designed for applications in the food industry and biotechnology. Due to its large diameter tubular membranes it can easily clarify aqueous suspensions with medium to high suspended solids content. The UltraStar XL is mainly used for the filtration of juices (apples, pears, berries, stone fruits, citrus fruits and pineapples), fruit wines and fermenter broths. 

  • Membrane modules: 4’’ housing, L = 3.6 m, 5.2 m2, 37 pcs. ½’’ membrane tubes 
  • Membrane types: UF, PVDF membranes with cut off approx. 100 kD or 250 kD 
  • Membrane area: 83 - 499m2 
  • Temperature range: 10 - 55 °C pH-range 2.0 -10.5 
  • Connected load: 36 - 85 kW 
  • Dimensions Units: < 250m2 : 3’317 x 4’432 x 3’(W x L x H in mm)  
  • Units > 250m2 : 4’794 x 4’432 x 3’496 
  • Scope of supply: Circulation unit with control cabinet assembled on frame, filter module unit, fully automated PLC control with touch panel.