Our Paddler Finishers are designed to provide both high quality and high performance in the processing of citrus fruits ready for sieving. 

  • Efficient, high-quality separation of liquids and solids 

  • Separation of juice and pulp and of essential oil emulsion from other solids 

  • Recovery of soluble solids (washing of pulp) 

  • Processing capacity of a wide range of citrus fruits 

  • Product projection system composed of three helical paddles with an inlet hopper to regulate the supply of product 

  • Solids drying system by adjustable counterweight 

  • Pneumatically driven spraying system for the cleaning of the sieves 

  • Structure and elements in contact with the product made of stainless steel 

  • Angular contact bearings 

  • Lubrication control of bearings box by level sensor 

  • Safety stop system in hinged covers 


Processing capacity: 10000 L/h (approx.) 
Tank capacity: 95 L 
Sieve perforation: 0.5 / 0.7 mm 
Product connection inlet: Link NW-100 
Product connection outlet: Link NW-100 
Pneumatic connection: Quick connector Ø6 
Motor power: 11 kW 
Weight: 475 kg 



Processing capacity: 20000 l/h (approx.)
Tank capacity: 145 l
Sieve perforation: 0,5 / 0,7 mm
Product connection inlet: Link NW-100
Product connection outlet: Link NW-100
Pneumatic connection: Quick connector Ø6
Motor power: 15 kW
Weight: 650 kg