• Compact skid mounted design
  • Movable with wheels
  • Low water and energy consumption
  • Long service life due to high quality design
  • Very little maintenance required, no moving parts inside
  • Efficient cleaning device inside the vessel
  • Dosing pump separately mounted on the skid for easy maintenance


We developed the M-SYNOX BF to focus on the rising number of small Craft-Breweries worldwide and their increasing demand for filtered beer. In addition, this filter will be a reliable solution for any other beverage that needs filtering with a filter-aid like diatomaceous earth.


The M-Synox BF is the advanced version of the former Secujet candle filter but with hanging candles from a top plate. The design of the filter and the usage of the same Stabox candles (25 mm diameter) make it the small version of the large Synox® filters.