• Production of acid reduced or deionised fruit juices and fruit sugar syrups according to customer’s specifications
  • Minimal processing cost
  • Fully automatic, PLC control and PC based operator interface

Bucher Unipektin Ion Exchange Systems make use of weak anion exchange resins to adjust the sugar/acid ratio of fruit juices (also known as fruit acid reduction). If cation and anion exchange resins are applied, it is possible to completely deionise juices and by-products for recovering the fruit sugars. By adding a polishing step with adsorption resins, colourless fruit sugar solutions can be produced. 


Clarified juice is passed through selected combinations of ion exchange resins. Charged components are retained on the respective resin by ionic forces, releasing an equally charged ion (e.g. H+, OH-) into the product. When the deionising capacity of the resins is exhausted, the juice is displaced from the columns and the resins are independently regenerated with acids, bases or salts, preparing them for the next juice process cycle. Optional adsorptive polymer vessels can be added for improved colour and organic molecules reduction. 

Plant sizes range from 500 to 50,000 litres/hr or more, depending on application. We offer multiple trains for continuous operation, stainless steel construction throughout (custom-built to local regulations) and specialised technical support from our R&D and engineering teams.