• Microbubble size 

  • Instant saturation 

  • Precise CO2 injection 

  • CO2 ratio controlled 

CO2 is injected into the beverage through the Bucher Denwel injector, which splits the gas into microbubbles. The most efficient and instant dissolution of CO2 is achieved with only a minimal pressure drop, no gas loss and a fully hygienic design. No static mixer, or sintered candles are needed. 
Precise CO2 ratio-controlled injection using a flow meter always maintains carbonation at the desired concentration. An integrated pump with a pressure holding valve maintains the required pressure for carbonation. 
The unit comes assembled on a compact frame, and is tested so it can rapidly be put into operation. Proven components guarantee reliability and extended lifetime. The modular layout allows easy integration into production and efficient combination with other process units. 

Carbonation: up to 6 g/l, 3 V/V (P & T dependent) 
Pressure: operating 2 to 5 barg, 30 to 72 psig 
Temperature: operating 0 to 5 °C, 32 to 40 °F 
CIP: 2 to 5 barg, 30 to 72 psig; max. 90 °C, 200 °F 
Connection: Tri-clamp; other connections upon request 
Dimensions: from Height 1.9 m, 6,2’; Width 2.0 m, 6,5’; Depth 0.6 m, 2’ 
Weight: from 200 kg, 440 lb 
Material: Stainless Steel 304, EPDM, PSU, PP