Information on change of name


We are very pleased to announce that as of 17 March 2023 the name of the Company B&P Engineering Limited Liability Company has changed to: Bucher Unipektin Limited Liability Company

On 20 December 2022, the company became a member of the international Bucher Group. As a business unit of Bucher Industries AG headquartered in Switzerland, the company is part of Bucher Unipektin, a leading global manufacturer of systems and components for the juice and beer industries and for drying technologies. The business unit's manufacturing facilities are located in Switzerland, Poland, Spain, Germany, the Czech Republic and China. The company is supported by a sales and service organisation in Ukraine, New Zealand and Mexico as well as a global distribution network.

The name change is the next step in the integration process, which will see the company operating under the internationally recognised, renowned brand and logo of the Bucher Group. At the same time, we would like to inform you that the change concerns only the name of the company - all other data, including KRS number, NIP and REGON numbers, bank account numbers, telephone numbers, registered office address, remain unchanged.

A change of company name does not have any impact on the continuation of the company's activities and on the validity of the contracts previously concluded. The change of the company name does not result in any modification of its obligations or mutual rights and obligations under the contracts concluded by our company and does not require their adaption. The new face does not entail any change in the values that have guided the company so far. The most important thing is still to ensure the high quality of the products offered and customer satisfaction. Our customers have at their disposal the ever-growing expertise and competence of the company, as well as the knowledge and experience of the specialists of the entire Bucher Group.

In view of the above, we kindly request you to amend your records accordingly and issue all accounting and commercial documents (invoices, bills, orders, offers) and address all correspondence with the following company details:

Bucher Unipektin Sp. z o.o. ( LLC)
37-200 Przeworsk, 1E Lubomirskich St.
NIP: 794 16 81 757
REGON: 651543185
KRS: 000093236


Tomasz Musiał                                                   Daniel Schneider
T +48 16 649 00 98                                            T +41 44 857 23 90