• Even and controlled fruit discharge into the flushing channel
  • Variable opening and closing times
  • Robust pneumatic drive

The Dosing Slide is designed for isolating pome fruit silos from the flushing channels. It enables controlled automatic fruit discharge into the flushing system.

The slide is mounted at the silo outlet before the flushing channel. The flushed fruit quantity can be adjusted through timed vertical movement of the dosing slide so that the apples arrive in the flushing channel evenly in a single layer. The opening and closing times can be set separately with an external controller or time switch. The end positions of the dosing slide are also adjustable. When closing, the dosing slide immerses into the water only enough that the fruits are retained but not damaged. If the slide is closed the flushing water can still circulate while retaining the fruit in the silo.

  • Pneumatically activated slide valve with solenoid valve and adjustable end positions
  • Mounting flange for mounting on the flushing silo or installation in a flushing channel
  • Water circulation possible when slide is closed


  • Channel/Outlet: 400mm
  • Compressed air inlet: 4-5 bar