• Hopper volume sufficient for residue of a press charge 

  • Fast discharge of the hopper 

  • Four sizes for 1–4 presses 

The Delta Collecting Screw Conveyor is designed for removal of the press residue from the Bucher HPX/HPS presses. The hopper volume is sufficient to take the entire residue of a press charge to allow fast dumping. 

The V-shaped hopper is installed under the steel frame of the Bucher HPX/HPS press. The press dumps the residue into the hopper. It is then conveyed by a horizontal auger to the intended storage site or to the next transportation element. For safety reasons the hopper is equipped with protective bars below the dumping outlet of the press, with the remaining part of the hopper covered with removable lids. The unit is driven by a gear motor and a chain drive. Construction of the screw is in stainless steel, in accordance with DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304), or painted mild steel. 

Number of presses: 4 
Screw diameter: 400mm  
Hopper length: 3400mm - 7400mm - 11400mm - 15400mm 
Screw speed: 25 rpm 
Motor 400 V / 50 Hz: 5.5 kW - 11 kW - 15 kW  
Capacity: 25m3 /h