What you can expect from us at Bucher Unipektin in Switzerland

Entlönung bei Bucher Unipektin AG
  • Financial participation in the company's success
Vorsorge bei Bucher Unipektin AG
  • Solid, semi-autonomous pension fund
  • Choice of pension options
  • Above-average interest rate
Weiterbildung bei Bucher Unipektin AG
  • Promotion of specialist and management careers
  • Individual development opportunities
  • Comprehensive induction programme
Pensum und Urlaub bei Bucher Unipektin AG
  • 40 hours per week (100% workload)
  • Home Office 
  • 25-30 days holiday
  • Good accessibility by public transport
  • Free parking spaces
  • Free electric charging stations
  • Filling station with low prices
Verpflegung bei Bucher Unipektin AG
  • Own staff SV Restaurant at discounted prices
  • Kiosk
  • Fresh fruits
  • Water station
  • Gifts for special occasions 
  • Team and corporate events
  • Discounts for leisure activities

About us

We develop, design, manufacture and deliver complete fruit juice plants (reception areas, grinders & crushers, presses, extractors, filtration plants and evaporators), as well as beer filtration systems, vacuum & freeze dryers and sludge presses. 

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