• Efficient, high-quality separation of liquids and solids 

  • Separation of juice and pulp and of essential oil emulsion from other solids 

  • Recovery of soluble solids (washing of pulp) 

  • Processing capacity of a wide range of citrus fruits 

A double helix screw allows the product to be progressively compacted in two channels, dividing it along the way to improve the separation process. The screw inlet area is designed to regulate the supply of product. 

  • Solids drying system by adjustable pneumatic cylinder 

  • Pneumatically driven spraying system for the cleaning of the sieves 

  • Structure and elements in contact with the product made of stainless steel 

  • Angular contact bearings 

  • Mechanical seal in solids discharge head to guarantee the tightness of the tank 

  • Cooling chamber fluid of mechanical seal in constant renovation 

  • Safety stop system in hinged covers 


Processing capacity: 20000 L/h (approx.) 
Tank capacity: 145 L 
Sieve perforation: 0.5 / 0.7 mm 
Product connection inlet: Link NW-100 
Product connection outlet: Link NW-100 
Pneumatic connection: Quick connector Ø6 
Motor power: 15 kW 
Weight: 1100 kg