The Automatic Flash Pasteurisation Unit is designed for the safe, precise and reliable heating of beverages. While reducing pathogenic microorganisms, uniform and gentle treatment is applied to maintain the original taste and appearance of the beverage. 

  • Gentle and precise heat treatment  

  • Consistent pasteurisation 

  • Heat recovery up to 96% 

Cold beer enters the regenerative zone of the plate heat exchanger and is pre-heated by outgoing pasteurised beer. It is then heated up to the pasteurisation temperature and held in the holding tube for the required pasteurisation time. Pasteurised beer is then cooled down in the regenerative zone and, if required, cooled in the cooling zone to the filling temperature.  

Flash pasteurisers are typically installed in front of a filler where speed can often vary considerably. To keep the required Pasteurisation Units (PU) within tight limits, we use intelligent control combined with a buffer tank, capable of matching variations in filler demand.  

If the filling capacity decreases, the flow also has to be reduced. Lower flow means longer holding time and therefore the pasteurisation temperature has to be reduced to keep the same PU. The control reduces the flow according to the heat exchanger characteristics and increases the level in the buffer tank. When the filling capacity increases again, the level in the buffer tank will be lowered and the nominal pasteurisation values will be re-established. As a result, over- and under-pasteurisation can be avoided, and gentle and consistent treatment is guaranteed. 

  • PU range: 10 to 150 PU
  • Pressure: up to 16 barg
  • Heat recovery: 94 to 96%