There are several benefits when using the Dosing Hasp for the flushing channel: 

  • Dosing and stopping devices for controlling the fruit flow 

  • Integrated water and dirt separation 

  • Optionally with stone trap 

The Dosing Hasp is designed for adjusting the flow of pome fruit in the flushing channel, as well as for the separation of water, dirt and stones. 


Fruit carried by water flows towards the Dosing Hasp installed at the end of the flushing channel. While the water readily passes through, the apples are retained at the hasp paddles and can pass only according to the rotation speed adjusted by the hand-wheel. Subsequently, the water, together with dirt (e.g. grass, leaves), passes through a grid and a slide made of bars and is separated from the fruits. Larger and heavier pieces (stones, grit etc.) collect in the stone trap at the inlet of the Dosing Hasp. 

  • Flushing channel with horizontal and inclined grid for water and dirt separation 

  • Rotating paddle driven by a manually-regulated geared motor 

  • Mounting flange for the installation of a flushing channel 

  • Overflow water channels on each side 

  • Manual stone trap with quick-lock cover  


Dosing Hasp with stone trap
  • Length: 2800mm
  • Width: (Channel) 400mm
  • Motor: 0.75kW/ 400 V / 50Hz
  • Capacity: Up to 40 t/h of apples
Dosing hasp without stone trap
  • Length: 1350mm
  • Width: (Channel) 400mm
  • Motor: 0.75kW/ 400 V / 50Hz
  • Capacity: Up to 40 t/h of apples