• High effectiveness and efficiency 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Fully automatic control with visualisation 
  • Precise dosing 
  • Little space required 

Dosing station is designed for use in the food industry. To meet the needs of producers of concentrates and beverages, clarifying agents are dosed as accurately as possible into the product formation process. 

The standard clarifying agent preparation station consists of four tanks with agitators. Two tanks are normally used for the preparation of the bentonite solution, the third for the sol. The fourth tank is used for mixing and heating the gelatine solution. lt is equipped with its own circulation pump, heat exchanger and water heating jacket or electric heating system. Different tank capa­cities are available, depending on the requirements. The station is prepared for permanent connection to a number of selectable and fully controllable depectinisation tanks. To dose the product, just set the dose, specify the amount of water and select the process tank. Accor­ding to these data, the solution is prepared and then fed to the corre­sponding tank. Finally, the supply line is rinsed and the unit switches itself off. All data is archived according to the requirements of produc­tion control and in particular the HACCP system. 

  • 3 decanters approx. 400 1 or 9001, 1 thermos flask approx. 300 1 or 800 1 
  • 4 agitators in tandem (8 rotors) 1 JAD tubular heat exchanger with controller or electric heater 1 circulation pump, capacity up to 10m/h 
  • SIEMENS SIMATIC HMI control panel 
  • Piping between clarifier and feed manifold 
  • Base with adjustable legs


Touch screen - visualisation of part of the line with clarifier station 
Bentonite tank with agitator and operator platform, capacity 3m3, AIS! 304/316L steel 
Coal and bentonite feeding system, pneumatic transport 
Concentrated enzyme dosing system, 3 sections