The Bucher SCADA 4 software modules provide you with: 

  • Process monitoring: everything essential at a glance 

  • The ability to capture and evaluate production and process data 

  • Extensive report functions 

  • The ability to recognise and utilise production potential 

Bring your production into the digital age by optimising your processes.  

With the SCADA 4’s data acquisition, analysis and KPIs you can make your process measurable. Begin improving the profitability and efficiency of your Bucher plants with: 

  • Process optimisation for increased productivity 

  • Extensive analysis of your production data 

  • Efficient report generation 

  • Faster reactivity through a centralised status view on all machines 

The Bucher SCADA 4 software modules utilise reporting functions that give production managers extensive possibilities for capturing, displaying, analysing and printing production reports, forming the basis for process optimisation and increased profitability.  

With customisable display and storage formats, data and reports are also usable externally (i.e. on customers' ERP-systems). In addition, operators use SCADA 4 as a centralised monitoring and operating platform, so as a result, you can have all relevant process data on one screen. Downtimes can be identified from the very beginning, leading to faster responses and shorter interruptions. 

  • Status of all machines and process data instantly - leading to faster troubleshooting 

  • HMI-Remote: visualisation and operation if required 

  • Alarm and parameter administration