Dosing slide for water tight closing of pome fruit silos and dosing into the flushing channel

  • Flooding of the silos enables unloading via truck
  • Water tight «Airmatic» seal
  • Steady dosing of pome fruit into the flushing channel

The Dosing Slide Airmatic is designed for isolating pome fruit silos from the flushing channels, if the silo is flooded before it is filled. The flooding assures a gentle dumping of the fruits with minimal deterioration of the fruits. It is thus mainly used when soft fruits are processed or very high quality requirements apply.

The slide is tightly mounted at the silo outlet into the flushing channel. Before flooding the silo the slide is moved to the closing position and the Airmatic seal is inflated with pressurised air for a water tight sealing. The silo is then flooded and the fruits are dumped. When silo is filled the finished seal is vented and the water is drained. The fruit discharge from the silo is controlled by timed vertical movement of the slide in such a way that the fruits evenly arrive in the flushing channel in single layer. Opening and closing times are independently adjustable by an external controller or time switch. Both end positions of the slide can be adjusted.

  • Inflatable Airmatic seal
  • Pneumatic activated slide with solenoid valve and adjustable operating positions
  • Electrical panel with central air distribution
  • Mounting flange for fixing on the flushing silo or installation in a flushing channel


Dosing Slide Airmatic

  • Channel/Outlet: 400mm
  • Compressed air inlet: 4–5 bar
  • Compressed air regulator for Airmatic seal: 1–1.5 bar