• Automated preparation of cleaning agents
  • Object related cleaning planes
  • Cleaning of single components during production
  • Integration into overall plant
  • Full automation possibilities

Bucher Unipektin CIP facilities are on duty for the cleaning in advanced fruit juice plants where an efficient cleaning is needed to produce high quality fruit juices. Wherever apples, pears, berries or vegetables are processed, our facilities are ready to clean the involved tanks, pipes, grinders and tanks. Furthermore cleaningsolutions for units with individual CIP-program can also be done for presses and evaporators. Thanks to our broad experience the use of auxiliary material, water, cleaning- and disinfection-mediums, energy, is economically and ecologically optimised.

The images on the left show a plant with 4 storing-tanks: per tank the brine, the prerinsing water as well as the rinsing water are put at disposition. By automised dosing-units the chemicals are added precisely and safe. A heat-exchanger heats the brine to the desired temperature and maintains it on the desired level during the cleaning. Dosage of disinfectants or acidity is optional and becomes typically applied inline. By measuring the conductivity; the defined change of phases between product, cleaningsolution and water are registered and the valves become switched accordingly. The operation of leakage valves within the production range assures a secure separation of cleaningsolution and aliment.

Typical cycle of an automised CIP-cleaning:

  • Prerinsing (with recycled flushing water)
  • Brinebased cleaning (e. g. 1–2% NaOH on 70–80 °C)
  • Intermediate rinsing (optional)
  • Disinfection (optional) with Peroxyd / Peracetic acid) or neutralisation & cleaning with acid
  • Rinsing

Models: Single- and bi-stream plants

Storage tanks: Single- and bi-stream plants

Control: Semi- and fully automised, depending customer request