• Three sizes of caustic and acid vessels 

  • For tanks, pipes and equipment cleaning 

  • Automatic temperature control 

  • Optimal cleaning performance 

This mobile CIP (Cleaning-in-Place) plant provides multiple lines for cleaning of pipes, tanks and process technology. It comes complete with custom vessels setup (insulation, volume, size), simultaneous concentrates dosing, and automatic CIP sequencing with defined temperature, flow and pressure. 

The CIP Unit reliably removes minerals and biological residues. CIP sequencing valves are used, so that no pipe reconnection is required. It includes a sampling valve for checking concentration during cleaning and automatic temperature control. The unit can also be used with various detergents for cold or hot cleaning. 

The unit consists of two vessels, where the cleaning solution is prepared and then circulated in a single line. The integrated heating allows heating of the cleaning media to the required temperature. Other options can include pressurised tank cleaning, a strainer, CIP vessel spray nozzles and heating during cleaning. 

Detergents: Acid, Caustic, Disinfectants 
Vessels: Hot caustic (with heating) 
Ambient acid / Disinfectants / Rinse water (not insulated) 
Pressure: Operating 1 to 3 barg, 15 to 43 psig 
Temperature: Operating 0 to 90 °C, 32 to 200 °F 
Connection: Tri-clamp; other connections upon request 
Dimensions: from Height 1.6 m, 63”; Width 2.0 m, 79”; Depth 0.7 m, 28” 
Weight: from 100 kg, 220 lb 
Material: Stainless Steel 304, EPDM, 

DCP050M To clean pipes DN 25 (1”) up to 300 m (1000 ft) or vessels up to diameter 1,5 m (4,5 ft)
Flow: 20 to 50 hl/h, 9 to 22 gpm, 18 to 42 bbls/h
2x 200 l vessels with heating 4,5 kW + 4,5 kW as option

DCP100M To clean pipes DN 40 (1½”) up to 300 m (1000 ft) or vessels up to diameter 2,5 m (8,2 ft)
Flow: 40 to 100 hl/h, 18 to 44 gpm, 35 to 85 bbls/h
2x 350 l vessels with heating 7,5 kW+ 7,5 kW as option

DCP150M To clean pipes DN 50 (2”) up to 250 m (800 ft) or vessels up to diameter 2,5 m (8,2 ft)
Flow: 60 to 150 hl/h, 27 to 66 gpm, 52 to 127 bbls/h
2x 500 l vessels with heating 15 kW+ 15 kW as option