Service and Support

We understand service as key of our success.

We invite all our customers to take part at Factory Acceptance Test, confirming that the unit qualifies with agree​d specifications. Additionally the participants get a hands-on training and become familiar with the system setup and operation.

During installation and commissioning the project becomes a turnkey solution. The onsite work is prepared for fast startup and seamless integration into the production plan. Our experienced field engineers test all functions, optimize the system performance and train the operators in safe and efficient use and maintenance of the equipment.

Service Analytics

Preventive Maintenance & Calibration

Alongside the development and production of our own process systems, we also represents prestigious partners in the field of instrumentation:

  • ORBISPHERE: O2, CO2 and N2 analyzers
  • OPTEK: Turbidity, Haze and Color measurement

These analyzers monitor important parameters of quality and productivity and hence regular maintenance and calibration are required for consistent product quality

Bucher Denwel provides professional service on site, relieving the customer from unproductive duties while increasing availability and reliability of the measuring devices.

Advantageous and cost reducing service contracts ensure scheduled and periodic service, preventive maintenance, traceable calibration and complete record of a specific analyzer.


Teleservice is the exchange of data with remotely located technical equipment to provide support, fault detection, maintenance, data-analysis or optimisation. A secured internet connection or telephone network connects the user and manufacturer.

Teleservice allows us to increase the service level significantly. We can provide service quickly and on the spot without needing a service engineer to travel to the machine. This helps reduce costs and downtime and guarantees the high availability of the equipment.

Scope of teleservice
  • Basic diagnostic
  • Checking parameters
  • Verification of Input and Outputs
  • Scan for internal CPU alarms
  • Data logging and data analysis
  • Tuning PID parameters for optimisation
  • Upgrades
  • Program archiving
  • Operator training

Technical support

Bucher Denwel
Bucher Denwel

Technical support

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