The Citrus Brush Washer involves the mechanical washing of citrus fruit using rotating brushes and water spray nozzles. The fruit travels along a surface of rotating cylindrical brushes, forcing the fruit to turn while the brushes remove impurities. 


The washing system includes a: 

  • Modular brush system for easy maintenance 
  • Progressively adjustable spray system 
  • Collection system for spray water recirculation  

The bearing supports are made of thermoplastic material. The bearings are made of stainless steel, as are the parts in contact with the product. The washer has a safety stop system with hinged covers, as well as a drag system for fruit in excess. 

  • Processing capacity: 10 - 60 Tm/h 

  • Water spray system connection: Male thread G 1" 

  • Flow rate of the water spray system: 140 L/min 

  • Engine power: 2.2 kW 

  • Weight: 1400 kg