Our digital products for your production line

Bucher Scada 4 - Bucher Unipektin AG
Supervisory control and data acquisition

Improve the profitability and efficiency of your Bucher plants by:

  •  process optimisation for increased productivity
  •  extensive analysis of your production data
  •  efficient report generation
  •  faster reactivity through a centralised status view on all machines
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Bucher NetServices - Bucher Unipektin AG
Global access to your machines and plants

The internet-based remote access system enables efficient support in case of problems that the customer cannot resolve.

  • Fast reaction time and quick error analysis
  • short downtimes
  • competent support from an expert network
  • prevention of services and costs
  • operating data acquisition
  • maintenance and optimisation of production
  • other tangible benefits
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Bucher Merk Process Services


Our services are based on many years of specialist technical expertise and practical experience, and range from customer consultation and advice, basic engineering, plant construction, assembly and installation, right through to commissioning on a worldwide scale. We also have a customer service centre and a new test centre.

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