• Two chamber design
  • Safe particle retention
  • Efficient backwash
  • Two chamber-system for optimized cleaning procedure
  • Vertical construction
  • Small volume of unit
  • Adaptable to desired performance with possibility to add filter area
  • Short regeneration and sterilization cycles
  • Easy replacement of the cartridges 
  • Perforated plate to accommodate standard filter cartridges with bayonet adapter and double o-ring
  • Also available as compact, movable system. Custom design versions for the pre-, final and sterile filtration

SECUROX® BF series filters are especially designed to be integrated within automated beer filtration lines. Their construction guarantees long service life of both filter media and equipment for heavy duty use in a industrial 24/7 operation. The technology is designed for high service life of filter media and equipment. Its high filtration performance, top manufacturing quality and comprehensive set of certificates meet the high standards of the brewing industry.

The SECUROX® BF is a high precision stainless steel filter housing for filter cartridges, designed and manufactured especially for the brewing industry. The enclosed system allows high capacity filtration with no drip loss. Its unique two chamber design allows an efficient cleaning of the cartridges at the end of the filtration cycle.

The typical setup requires gauges and valves, as well as a check valve. SECUROX® BF is available in many options: – Connections can be triclamp (sanitary), or dairy (DIN). – Gaskets: EPDM (standard), silicone, viton® or teflon® encapsuled.