• Full inspection of fruit surface through rotating, gripped rollers
  • Automatic dirt removal via rinsable tray underneath the belt
  • Integrated cleaning nozzles

The Roller Table is used for manual sorting and for cleaning of the fruit.

The axes of the rotating, gripped rollers are clipped into two lateral chains. The chains are driven by a variable gear motor and move the rollers horizontally along the table. Rotation of the rollers can be switched on or off by a tension bar. The gap between the rollers is 15 mm in length. Underneath the roller belt are sliding trays that are mounted for collecting and discharging dirt and water. The operators stand alongside the table in ergo-nomic working height.

The fruits are fed onto the belt, preferably in single layer, sprayed with water and moved forward according to the chain speed. Dirt falls through the gaps between the rollers and is discharged via the sliding trays. When the rotation is activated, the fruits turn which enables complete visual inspection by the operators. Non-compliant fruits can then be removed.


Roller Table 600 x 2500

  • Belt length: 2’500mm
  • Belt width: 600mm
  • Sorting height: 920mm
  • Motor (variable gear drive): 0.75 kW/ 400 V / 50Hz
  • Conveying speed: 0.08–0.41m/s
  • Capacity: 4–20 t/h


Roller Table 800 x 3500

  • Belt length: 3’500mm
  • Belt width: 800mm
  • Sorting height: 920mm
  • Motor (variable gear drive): 1.5 kW/ 400 V / 50Hz
  • Conveying speed: 0.13–0.67m/s
  • Capacity: 8–40 t/h