Your personal customer portal - myBucherUnipektin

Are you looking for a solution that supports and optimises your business processes? 
Then myBucherUnipektin is just right for you. Our personalised customer portal offers you a wide range of functions that make your day-to-day work easier.
We provide you with a digital customer portal with various modules. You get an overview of your Bucher machine fleet, a simple and efficient system for support enquiries and access to important machine-related documents. You also have the option of accessing your machines directly via an existing VPN-NetService connection.

You have the following advantages by using our customer portal:

  • All machines at a glance: In myBucherUnipektin, all your Bucher machines and systems are clearly displayed with the relevant information. 
  • Important documents at your fingertips: Electrical and hydraulic diagrams as well as available operating manuals for your systems are stored in the customer portal and can be accessed from anywhere with just one click.  
  • Remote access to machines: Customers with our NetService package have the secure option of connecting directly to the HMI screen of the respective machine, for example to identify machine faults.
  • Efficient processing of support requests: Simply create support requests yourself by selecting the relevant machine and entering a brief description of the problem. All important information for first-level support is added automatically. This ensures more efficient and faster processing of your support case.
  • History of your machines: All support requests are stored together with the solution description on the respective machine for you to retrieve. This provides important information and suggested solutions for future support requests. 
  • Create different user groups: Admin users have the option of creating additional user groups in the customer portal and assigning them specific authorisations. This allows you to retain full control over the access rights of individual users. 
  • No telephone or mobile phone charges for support: Using the customer portal does not incur any telephone or mobile phone charges for you.  

We will be happy to set up your myBucherUnipektin account so that you can benefit from the advantages of the customer portal. Contact us at or by telephone on +41 44 857 22 33. We look forward to hearing from you!

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