• Final oxygen below 10 ppb
  • Water prefiltration
  • Expandable capacity

Deaerated water is used in the brewing industry for flushing filters, centrifuges, pipes, tanks, etc. When used to adjust the alcohol concentration or original gravity after filtration, residual oxygen concentration of the deaerated water is critical as it directly influences the quality and shelf life of the final product. Designed for the most efficient deaeration of water, Bucher Denwel provides a fully automated solution able to economically achieve oxygen levels below 10 ppb.

The membrane contactor contains thousands of microporous hydrophobic hollow fibers. They form a large internal surface ensuring a maximal contact area between gas and liquid.

A strip gas (CO2 or N2) is applied on the inside of the hollow fibers and pulled out by a vacuum. The water flows in counter current on the outside of the fibers. The high difference in partial pressure forces the oxygen out of the liquid. Depending on the required oxygen level or the total capacity, several membrane contactors can be arranged in parallel and/ or series for optimal performance.

The unit has an uncompromising sanitary design and is fully cleanable. The polypropylene hollow fibers are FDA approved and CIP compatible. For prolonged high performance given concentrations and gentle temperature gradient must be applied.

Final Oxygen: less than 10 ppb (0,01 ppm)
Pressure: operating 2 to 4 barg, 30 to 60 psig
Temperature: operating 10 to 30 °C, 40 to 90 °F
CIP: 50 °C, 120 °F, at 7 barg, 100 psig; Max. 65 °C,
150 °F, at 2 barg, 30 psig
CO2/N2 purity: 99,995%
Stripping gas flow: app. 0,5 g/l (final O2 and water temperature
Carbonation: 0 g/l
Connection: Tri-clamp; other connections upon request
Dimensions: from Height 1,6m, 63”; Width 0,7m, 47”;
Depth 0,6m, 24”
Weight: from 550 lb, 250kg
Material: Stainless Steel 304, EPDM, PE, PSU, PP