Test Center Bucher Unipektin Niederweningen, Switzerland

Our services

  • Rental of machines and equipment in the Test Center
  • Rental of mobile machines and equipment for use by customers
  • Process development and evaluation
  • Production of product samples
  • Performing analytics, product evaluation
  • Commissioning of the pilot machines, customer training


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Phone +41 44 857 26 41

Test Center Bucher Merk, Laufenburg, Germany

In our well-equipped test center, we conduct customer trials on a regular basis.

Experienced staff supports our customer close by. Trials are guided and done for specific products, single process steps or complete scale-up experiments. We offer help for basic application to 1:1 production samples for market evaluations.


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Phone +49 77 639 27 20

Test Center Bucher Denwel, Prague, Czech Republic

We invite all our customers to take part at Factory Acceptance Test, confirming that the unit qualifies with agreed specifications. Our experienced engineers test all functions and optimize the system performance. Additionally the participants get a hands-on training and become familiar with the system setup and operation. The regular operators trainings in safe and efficient use and maintenance of the equipment is supported by our comprehensive after sales service team which provides immediate and effective support.

  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Rental of machines, process units and analytical equipment
  • Assembly, initial setup, calibration & commissioning
  • Development of preventive and predictive maintenance programs
  • Regular operator and maintenance training
  • Project management & engineering
  • Technical support & consultancy
  • Remote help and online software upgrades
  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Audits for: 
  • Process development and evaluation
  • Verification of analytical technique
  • Control system & process steps
  • O2, N2 or CO2 concentration during the production process

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Phone +420 561 206 440

Test Center Bucher Alimentech, Auckland, New Zealand

At our satellite test centre in Auckland, we specialise in the application of ion exchange and adsorption technologies for liquid foods, ingredients, and fruit juices. Our expertise and facilities allow us to support existing customers with our machinery, as well as develop and optimise new resin processes.

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Phone +64 9 573 1333