Kieselguhr free beer filtration with innovative filter cartridges with organic membranes 
  • Bright, yeast free filtered beer
  • High flexibility for a wide range of beer types
  • Longer average lifetime of membranes due to cartridge concept
  • Easy expandability

The reliable solution for membrane filtration of beer 

The technologies set up by Bucher Denwel ensure performance, reliability, short return of investment and sound operation profits. 
Bucher Denwel presents Polynox MF, the reliable solution for industrial cross-flow beer filtration with innovative filter cartridges with polymeric membranes. 

  • Polynox MF filtration process for high-quality filtered beer and steady flow rates.
  • High filtrate yield without solid waste.
  • Flexible automation system with maximum operational safety thanks to permanent self-controlling devices.
  • Plant sizes from 50 to 500 hl/h (22 – 220 gpm)

Stainless steel module holds up to 19 pcs of 2 m2 filter car-tridges BD20 which corresponds to approximate beer flow of 16 hl/h. Each filter cartridge is easy exchangeable and thus longer average lifetime of membranes is provided. 

Filter cartridges are filled with hydrophilic polyether sulfone (PES) membrane with asymmetrical structure specially adapted to beer. All materials are FDA approved. 
The asymmetrical structure greatly con-tributes to maintaining a steady filtration flow rate. The membranes can be exposed to alkaline, acidic and oxidizing cleaning agents for reliable recovery of filtration performance.