We train your employees

Training your employees ensures that the machines and systems supplied by us are operated and maintained optimally. This helps to avoid long machine downtimes and ensures smooth machine operation.

Our training program covers theoretical and practical aspects and is aimed at production managers as well as operators of the machines and equipment. You will gain more knowledge about our products and profit from the know-how of our specialists.

This knowledge can also help us to localise and solve the problem during troubleshooting. In such cases, a telephone diagnosis and consultation can often solve the problem and prevent high costs.
Training is therefore a worthwhile investment.

Your employees have a core function in terms of the quality of your products and the performance of the necessary systems. With a well-founded specialist knowledge, the processes can be accompanied error-free and professionally. In order to achieve the best possible work results, we offer you product-specific or process-specific training.

Our expertise has been steadily expanded in recent decades, which means that we have specialists ready for all areas, who are happy to pass on their knowledge to their valued employees.

Would you like to know more about your machine in the mechanical or operational area, we can help. With regard to troubleshooting in the field of process, maintenance or electrics, we can provide them with valuable knowledge. We offer training for our entire product range from the mill to the press and ultrafiltration to the adsorber, the evaporator or the vacuum belt dryer.

Build up or expand basic process knowledge

We can offer you a hand in the general separation technology and the processing of sludge. For evaluations in the laboratory for your process, if you would like to analyze your aroma, optimize your processes or if you need support in the preparation of upcoming quality audits, we are at your disposal on request.

All training courses can be specifically adapted or created according to your wishes. You determine the location for the implementation and ultimately depends on the type of training and further education. This can be directly on site with you or with us in Switzerland in the technical center or assembly.