Semiautomatic system dump drum that contain in liquid state juice and pumping the product discharged until the next process. Possibility of coupling a bags drainer. 

Control of the process via a lever. Pneumatic system with double lifting. Fixation system of the drum by pneumatic clamps. Eccentric screw volumetric pump for evacuating the product. Pneumatic active safety system. CIP spray cleaning system. Air compressor coupling option. Side platform to control and drive with skid steps made of stainless steel . Security fence made of stainless steel. Coupling option motorized roll er belt for transportation, entry and exit of the drums in automatic mode. 

  • Processing capacity: 20 - 30 drums/h 
  • Drums type: Opentop cilindrical and conical 
  • Drums capacity: 200 lts  
  • Hopper capacity: 600 lts 
  • CIP Conection: Female thread G ¾" 
  • Pneumatic conection: Fast fitting 010