• Ideal for haze stabilisation, decolourisation and debittering to meet customer’s product specifications
  • Enhanced product quality without the use of additives
  • Minimal processing cost
  • Fully automatic, PLC control and PC based operation systems

Adsorbers are used for the processing of clear fruit juices (mainly apple and pear) in order to prevent post haze formation as well as for partial colour reduction.  

Using specific resins it is possible to reduce patulin and HMF levels significantly. Another main application for adsorbers is the refinement of citrus juices (debittering of orange juice by reducing the Limonin below taste threshold, reducing of Hesperidin to prevent haze formation in clear lemon juice, and astringency reduction of peel extracts for flavour enhancement).  

Further specific applications are the extraction of anthocyanins as natural colourants, from juice or pomace from aronia, elderberry, grape, black carrot or the extraction of phenolic components (bioactives). 

Pulp-reduced juice is pumped through an adsorbent polymer resin in a fixed bed. Selected components of the juice are adsorbed onto the surface of the resin by physical interactions on the molecular level. When the polymer is exhausted the juice is displaced from the column. The resin is regenerated and prepared for the next juice cycle. 


Plant sizes range from 500 to 50,000 litres/hr or more, depending on application. We offer multiple trains for continuous operation, stainless steel construction throughout (custom-built to local regulations) and specialised technical support from our R&D and engineering teams.