Bucher NetService remote access

The internet based remote access enabled efficient support in case of problems, which can not be resolved by the customer himself. For more information, please contact our customer service.


With help of thorough training of the employees of or customers we are making sure, that all machines and plants delivered by us will be operated and maintained at the optimum. So, long machine-down-times can be avoided and the machines and plants are available at the optimum.

Our offer for training includes theoretical and practical aspects and is mainly useful for production managers and also for operators of the machines and plants. They are learning more about our products and they also profit from the Know How of our employees. So trainings are a profitable investment.

Clear statements during trouble shooting are helping us to localize the problem and solve it. In this case very often a telephonic diagnosis and consultation can already solve the problem.


Regular maintenance of your machines and plants guarantees a long lifetime. Please ask for our offers for:

Inspection service

We thoroughly inspect your machine/plant to detect faults and prepare an offer for the necessary repairs.


We are able to repair each machine made in our fabrication. Our specialist are at your disposal.

Revisions in our Workshop

We are also able to offer revisions of older machines in our workshop. In advance we prepare an offer and then you have to decide about the extent of the revision. Our specialists are looking forward to consult you.