Let’s be clear:
Bucher Filtrox is now Bucher Unipektin AG - Competence Center Filtration

After the fusion of Bucher Filtrox Systems AG and Bucher Unipektin AG at the beginning of 2017, the business activities of Bucher Filtrox Systems at the site St. Gallen will be continued as the Competence Center Filtration .
Due to licensing reasons, from 1st January 2018, our company is no longer entitled to use the brand “Bucher filtrox”. For our entire product range and also for the product portfolio which you knew under the brand “Bucher filtrox”, we will use the brand “Bucher unipektin”.
In our Competence Center Filtration in St. Gallen you still find our proven staff from sales, engineering, process technology and after sales service under the usual phone numbers. With the Competence Center Filtration and its proven technology and experience for filtration, stabilization and Beer recovery systems, Bucher Unipektin’s position will be strengthened further as a globally leading provider of solutions and plants for the beverage industry.

Wednesday, 31. January 2018 - 10:15