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Bucher Unipektin – worldwide known synonym for quality and extraordinary performance.

Bucher Presses HPS

Bucher presses provide the superior technology for processing municipal and industrial sludge to yield filter cake with the lowest possible moisture content. Using common additives, sludge may be mechanically dewatered to the limit that is technically possible. The high performance levels of the Bucher press becomes  demonstrated in comparative trials with other dewatering technologies. Dry  substance (DS) values of up to 50% w/w are achievable.


Bucher Unipektin offers a comprehensive model range of dewatering systems:

HPS 3007 : 100 – 200 kg DS / h

HPS 6007 :   200 – 400 kg DS / h

HPS 7507 :   250 – 500 kg DS / h

HPS 12007:  400 – 800 kg DS / h

Animation of HPS - principle

An animation can be found in the download center.