Transport / conveying

Facilities and machines for reception, washing and transport of fruits

  • Flexible set-up
  • High storage volume
  • Quick unloading of trucks
  • Efficient, simple cleaning of fruits
  • Hygienic layout
  • Minimized maintenance costs

Configuration and working principle

The reception system with silo, discharge dosing, flushing water circuit and water/fruit separation is very flexible and easy to adapt on local space conditions.

The fruits are unloaded from truck into silos. By means of flushing water the silos are discharged, at the outlet a pre-dosage at the hasp takes place. The hasp separates the fruits from flushing water/impurities and regulates the intake at the elevator. A vertical elevator bridges the different levels between flushing channel and subsequent processing steps.

For an optimized cleaning, fresh water becomes sprayed in the elevator. After the elevator, the fruits fall on the roller-tables where sorting and a further rinsing takes place prior to the crushing in the mills.