Thermal process

Evaporators designed from 2 up to 7 effects. Multi-effects fall film evaporators are reasonably priced solutions but have disadvantages due to higher product evaporation temperatures and may lead to protein denaturing.


Bucher vacuum falling film evaporators are designed for the production of high quality dairy concentrates.

They typically combine the process steps pasteurization and concentration in one system. Short processing time, low heat impact and sophisticated hygienic design predestinated the evaporators for the concentration of all kinds of dairy products.

Due to the uniquely designed liquid distributors they can handle all kind of product optimal.

Key features:

  • Single pass design for maximal product quality
  • Energy efficient multi stage system
  • Integrated, independently controlled pasteurizer
  • Sophisticated liquid distribution for long cleaning intervals
  • Optimized WIP with high performance spray nozzles

Multi-effect falling film evaporators with thermal vapour recompression (TVR)

Multi-effect falling film evaporators with a thermal vapour recompression are good valued and extremely energy efficient. The thermo-compressor uses the high pressure steam and mixes the low pressure vapours with it. A thermo compressor substitutes one or two evaporator column compared to a multi-effect evaporator, i.e. the specific steam consumption of a TVR-evaporator is reduced by around 20 to 50 %.

Mechanical vapour recompression evaporators (MVR)

Mechanical vapour recompression evaporators are using a high pressure fan for energy, the compressor works usually with electricity. The recompressed vapours are used as heating medium. A MVR-evaporator can be operated at low evaporation temperatures and can regardless to prevent the thermal energy loss produce a high quality concentrate. Additional benefits are the possibilities of wide range of flow rates as well as few or no cooling water requirements during the production.

Overall evaporation costs with an MVR evaporator are usually substantially lower compared to multi-effect falling film evaporators with or without TVR.

While evaluating the type of evaporator, the local costs for steam, electricity and cooling water should be considered. Bucher Unipektin’s specialists are at your disposition for advises leading to the most economical solution.