Solid- / liquid separation


The drainage system as developed by Bucher is unique and stands for a revolution in the fruit juice industry. The raw material is pressed by a hydraulically driven piton-cylinder-system whereby the drainage-elements assist an optimised space-dejuicing, in line with a decent pre-filtration of the juice. The coaction of filling and smooth pressing together with high pressures and intermediate loosening are given uniquely with this technology. Thereby, new dejuicing channels are created for the liquids with each pressing stroke.

The results:

  • Maximised yields
  • Juices with outstanding quality
  • Extracts with very low solid content

Thanks to this unique extraction technology by Bucher, extremely high yields are possible. This is demonstrated in low residual moisture of the pomace as well. The reduction of disposal costs is another welcome side effect. Due to the outstanding pre-filtering, the sediment content in the filtrate is very low. The effort of the subsequent processing steps becomes reduced and therefore the costs minimalized. Additional yield and reduced disposal costs in comparison to other systems make the Bucher systems extremely economical and are resulting in a very short ROI (return on investment).


After filling the press with product through the central inlet, several pressing cycles are executed until the desired press result is achieved. A pressing cycle comprises of the gentle pressing of the product by the forward moving piston and subsequent intensive loosening of the press cake while the piston moves backward and the press unit is rotating. The interaction of pressing and loosening steps is unique and leads to maximum yield of high quality juices with low suspended solid content.
After the pressing is finished the press cylinder opens and the pressing residue is discharged.
A self-optimizing control system determines the press ability of the product in every process phase. The pressing parameters are continuously adapted to achieve optimum throughput and yield. Real-time data re-cording provides comprehensive data of process cycles and production results.