Grinding technology

Grinding mill

The goods to be milled are fed through the rectangular filling opening on top of the mill into the filling section with the feeding screw at the bottom. The horizontal feeding screw transports the product from the filling section to the grinding tool. The grinding tool is the heart of the mill and consists of a rotating disc with star like attached grinding knives.

By the fast rotation of the grinding disc, small particles are separated and accelerated. The centrifugal force thus generated throws out the milled product through an adjustable discharge slot into the ejection area. From there it is leaving the mill through an opening in the bottom of the housing. The structure of the particles can by influenced by the adjustable rotating speed of the grinding tool, the width of the product discharge slot and the size of the knives.

The grinding tool and drive are mounted on a pivoting mechanism which can be easily pulled out and turned by 90° for easy access and economic maintenance of the grinding knives.

Crushing mills

Crushing mills consist of two stainless-steel rollers, operated by counter rotating. The rollers are embossed and the raw-material becomes diminished, crushed and, by the resulting rotational speed difference, partially ripped. The mill-slot and therefore the degree of disintegration are adjustable. A safety clutch prevents the mill from damage through large sized debris.