Cleaning technology

Cleaning In Place (CIP) units

CIP - Cleaning In Place -is a process to reliably and safely clean production lines. Bucher Unipektin has been manufacturing units of various types for years. The scope of supply comprises of simple manual units as well as fully automated units with several batch tanks.

The cleaning solution will be conditioned in the batch tanks until the desired temperature and concentration has been reached. Various receipts are stored in the control system and allow unit-related cleaning sequences either in parallel or one after another. Usually a cleaning program consists of the cleaning steps pre-rinse water, caustic solution, final rinse water and optional acid or sanitizer. In order to achieve an ideal cleaning result the following values will be observed and kept on a pre-defined target value: concentration, temperature and flow rate. The cleaning solutions will be re-used as appropriate and re-circulated via the batch tanks. Operating costs are saved and pollution of nature is reduced.