Vacuum dryers

For continuous drying or freeze drying (lyophilisation) of malt, juice concentrate pre-dried or frozen fruit, vegetable and meat pieces.

Vacuum belt dryer

The belt dryer Bucher DryBand is designed for the continuous drying of liquid and free flowing powders and other heat sensitive products under vacuum. The Bucher DryBand has also successfully been used for freeze drying, applications i.e. coffee and meat pieces.

  • Continuous and gentle product drying
  • Minimal oxidation
  • Adjustable temperature profile
  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimal flavour losses
  • Product specific feeding and discharging systems
  • Fully automated operation & cleaning

Vacuum drying cabinet

The vacuum cabinet Bucher DryCab is designed for the drying and processing of different heat sensitive products in the food and pharmaceutical industry.
The Bucher DryCab has also successfully been used for freeze drying, applications i.e. coffee, herbs, vegetables, herbal extracts and meat pieces.

  • For liquid products or powders
  • No oxidation and contamination
  • Gentle drying of products
  • Automated operation with process profile

Zeolite reactors

For the gentle vacuum drying or vacuum freeze drying of products by mean of water adsorption. Bucher Zeodration systems are designed for drying a wide range of products such as herbal and plant extracts, fruits, vegetables, herbs, bacteria and for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.
Bucher Zeodration technology offers a drying solution for liquid or solid products down to a residual moisture content of less than 0.5%. This process is successfully used for temperature sensitive products and to achieve maximum product quality.

  • Maximum quality of dried products
  • Best aroma retention
  • Flexibility of production
  • Selective process
  • Batch or continuous process