Presses - hydraulic filter press HPX

For the extraction of juices from apples, pears, berries, stone-fruits and vegetables.

Universal hydraulic filter press

Our hydraulic systems are suitable for the extraction of various raw-materials and are the most common system when it comes to the production of apple juices of superior quality. The unique system with its drainage-elements, in combination with hydraulic pressure, allows to maximise yields together with a minimum of sediments.

  • Unique filtering-/drainage system
  • Space – dejuicing with immense internal drainage surface
  • High separation capability together with minor solids – content
  • Unbeaten reliability
  • Low energy requirements
  • Universal use in numerous applications

Large presses

Our presses are suitable for a wide range of solid-/liquid separation tasks. They have proven record and are globally recognized for the juice recovery from apples, pears, black currant, cherries, grapes berries, pomegranates, stone fruits and vegetables. In addition, they are used in the pharmaceutical industry for the extraction of enzymes and for the production of herbal extracts. Most suitable they are for separation tasks where highest yield on lowest solid content is required. The yield on valued ingredients can be increased additionally by adapting one or several leaching steps, usually carried out with water or solvent.

HPX 3007, HPX 6007, HPX 7507, HPX 12007

Small presses

These presses are ideally dedicated for pressing, dejuicing and extraction trials for various raw-materials in lab or pilot scale applications, as well as for the production of small quantities of high value products. R&D departments and universities use it in their pilot plant stations in order to evaluate assumed yield and capacity data of an industrial fruit press of the type HPX / HPS.

HPL 200, HP 14