For disintegration of core-fruit, berries, vegetables and herbs.

Grinding mills - CM50 / C25

The grinding disc mill CM 50 was developed for grinding of apples and pears. In the meantime it is successfully used for the milling of various other fruits and vegetables such as cherries, strawberries, black currants, carrots, onions etc.

The CM 50 mill produces mash structure which is ideally suited for dejuicing. The improved mash structure results in higher yields and throughput during extraction. It is also particular suitable for the production of not from concentrate (NFC) cloudy juices and products where low oxidation is required, e.g. for cloudy NFC apple juice and carrot juice.

CM50, C25

Crushing mills - KVS 2-80

Bucher Unipektin roller Mills have been developed for the crushing of berries and stone fruits.
They are used frequently for red and black currants as well as for cherries (in order to obtain a superior aroma, part of the stones can be cracked). In the meantime they are used as well for the crushing of de-stoned stone fruit.

KVS 2-80